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Welcome to RC Carvings

Thank you for visiting RC Carvings.com, your source for wood crafted home decor made in the USA.

If you are decorating a house, lake cottage or cabin we have items that will work for you.

Bathymetry (depth) Lake Maps, Plaques, Signs, Wine Decor, Lithographs and many other wood made products.

Map Availability.

Most lakes are readily available for being made into carvings.  However some private and small lakes we may need a depth map of it.  If you know the lake from fishing it  we can send you an outline of it so you can show the depths. With that information we will be able to make your map.

Order Replay.
Orders will be acknowledged within 24 hours. Your order should be ready in about two weeks.

Pickup or Shipping.
Product can be picked up (with no shipping expense) at our host retailers listed on our site or shipped via USPS . Shipping and handling on all 5.5" x 7" and 11" x 14" lake carvings is a flat $5.00.

Pay Pal
We use Pay Pal to sell our products. When we receive your contact information we will include our pay pal information with our reply.   

Michigan, USA

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